Korea + Japan 04/17 – Children’s Grand Park + Seoul Land

Day 10

Today was spent shopping and sightseeing, we ended the day at some famous observation tower that featured a parody art gallery at the top.

Day 11

On our last full day of the trip we decided to dust off some of the other coasters in Seoul.

Children’s Grand Park

Children’s Grand Park might be over stating it slightly because it’s just a small collection of rides placed on concrete located in a much larger, greener and hillier park.

Crazy Mouse – An Interpark Crazy Mouse that spent most of it’s life closed and is now removed, I’m glad we got to ride it but it was nothing memorable.

Family Coaster – Vekoma SFC but this time with pieces of wood attached between the seats and featuring a rhythmic jolt.

That was Children’s Grand Park then, onto the next one!

Seoul Land

Much like the last park with it’s massive hills, Seoul Land had an interesting walk from the subway to the entrance. Street vendors were on both sides of the pathway, all selling the exact same thing but no one selling drinks, typical. Things got even more confusing when the entrance to the park was actually the entrance to a tram that among other places can take you to the amusement park.

We joked on the way to the ticket office that because of our T card discounts at Lotte World and Everland, Seoul Land was going to be the most expensive park in Korea. Almost as if we were heard the lady in the office pulled out a sheet stating the massively discounted entry price for tourists, well played Seoul Land.

While Seoul Land is a nice enough park to visit, it’s feels completely unfair to even think about mentioning it in the same league as Everland or Lotte World, everything at Seoul Land is fine and that’s enough. What was an issue though was the park was absolutely rammed with people and much like Lotte World they were prepared to queue any amount of time for anything. This meant Seoul Land wasn’t a quick one and done on all the coasters but turned into a whole day affair.

Blackhole 2000 – We queued almost 2 hours for this almost Vekoma looper knockoff and we almost got stung by a massive wasp.

Columbia Double Loop Coaster – This Senyo double loop coaster was slightly better or at the very least it didn’t take 2 hours.

Crazy Mouse – Sadly no where near as memorable as a ride that looks like this should be.

Tikitoc Train – This Interpark Wacky Worm was the best ride in the park and I’m not being ironic. There was a single moment of insane sidways ejector air that I’m almost certain wasn’t meant to be there but it was amazing.

After the shock of having to queue many minutes to ride coasters that aren’t worth it wore off, I found my time at Seoul Land to be quite entertaining, not good, but amusing.

Day 12

I felt a real sense of sadness as I woke up on the last day of the trip, this was it, the ending of the first major trip of my life, the ending of the best trip of my life. Would I ever be able to do something like this again?

It was a slow and sombre journey to the airport before we boarded our flight home, where post trip blues were redefined.

Thank you so much for reading.

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